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Pencil View Chistmas 2015
Pencil View Chistmas 2015

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If you've never seen someone sleep in a toaster, dress themselves as a candle (by setting their head on fire), or get bitten by a crayon, then you haven't met Percy. And if you like calling people short and are still breathing, you haven't met Bill. Feel the need to remedy this situation? Then read the adventures and silliness that is Pencil View. Remember, laughter is good for your health.


What's going on

Okay, I think I've delayed this post long enough.
At the moment I have no idea when Pencil View will be able to resume.
You know several months ago when I said I'd totally make a buffer? Well...a couple of days after that announcement my computer tablet started acting weird. I didn't think much of it, probably a driver problem, to cut a long story short I spent far too long trying to get the darn thing to work and now it's completely unusable. At this point my only real option is to buy a new tablet, only I can't afford to do that yet.

The other problem, but sort of a good problem, is that I now have full-time employment, so I should be able to save up enough to get a new tablet. The downside is that I'm up to my eyeballs in work right now, and until I get a hang of the new job it's going to be a while before I can work on any side projects at all. Aaaand the last part of that problem, is that part of my job entails buying resources for work, and then submitting a claim form for it, but we've had a hiccup and now I can't submit claim forms until our finance department has fixed it. So I'm sitting here with a $700 claim form I can't submit, and still needing to pay puppy dog medical bills. So I can't reserve any money for tablet purchases until I've gradually bought all the more pricey items for work and been reimbursed for it. Which at this rate could take several months on its own.

Oh yeah, did I mention my beloved dog is sick too? It's this incurable condition called old age, it causes everything to start falling apart, but really really gradually so it's excruciatingly painful to watch.

Anyway, basically, I have so much going on right now, the only time I've spent on Pencil View is guiltily thinking I really REALLY need to write a News Update so at least people know what's going on. Sorry guys, I'd hoped to have a way better start to the year for this.


posted by SuperferretIX @ May 8th, 2016, 7:31 pm  -  0 comments

More delays - totally not my fault honest

Okay, you know that resolution to restart mid-January? How about February instead ^-^' This is basically because my freaking tablet decided to kind of die and then after trying all kinds of fixes ( updating drivers, changing batteries, resetting to factory defaults etc freaking cetra) all those hours of tinkering yielded...nothing. Then. Days later when I'm wondering if whenever it is I get paid that I might have to buy a new tablet...for no apparent reason, it started working again of it's own accord. I don't know, I think technology may have already evolved to a point where it likes to troll people.

Anyway, long story short, playing tech-support seriously cut into the time meant for drawing up the buffer, so I'll go for round 2, as long as the darn thing doesn't inexplicably stop working for no apparent reason again - although now that my sister is no longer eyeball deep in drawing commissions, I might be able to beg usage of her precious superior tablet for a little bit. We'll see.

Anyway, totally not dead, totally not backing out on my resolution, I just have lousy, lousy luck.


posted by SuperferretIX @ January 10th, 2016, 6:30 am  -  0 comments Pencil View dead?

No, Pencil View isn't dead. I am struggling balancing everything that's happening at the moment though. Basically, I kind of got a job, kind of, it's unpaid at the moment but will hopefully become paid...hopefully. I'm also still doing my uni work, so between the two of them and the day to day dog/house/sister maintenance I still don't feel comfortable bringing Pencil View back into play. I want to though. My deadline for the Uni Dissertation is mid November, so after that I should be able to start up again. So apologies for such a long hiatus (again), but I'm hoping to have a Christmassy thing for this year, so see you then.


posted by SuperferretIX @ October 8th, 2015, 2:22 am  -  0 comments

Assignment update

Hello there,
Things have not been going well on my end, which you can probably tell because of the lack of PV updates. To cut a long story short, I ran into some difficulties getting the assignment finished, sent part of it anyway and then was going to do the second part, then got ill. Yay. So I'm kind of behind on everything at the moment, and I don't know when the next page will be. Sorry everyone. I've probably mentioned this before, but this is the downside to not having a buffer.


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Late again

Yeah I know, same old story.
I'm still in the middle of the next page, my weekend was completely eaten up by other work and thus nearly all my Pencil View time along with it. The page is about half done but I'm not sure when it'll be finished as today is pretty busy too. If I'm lucky I'll get it done sometime this evening/early tomorrow morning.


posted by SuperferretIX @ June 21st, 2015, 8:24 pm  -  0 comments

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