Percy Pencil: Called, 'Perce' by his friends, he is a daft little drawing device with an odd sense of adventure. He is the most cheery of the pencils, and deffinitely not the most practical, but at least he has fun.
Bill Sharp: Only called short by his enemies and co-workers (who all mysteriously vanish), he is more of an agressive realist, and probably more sensible than Dan and Percy, but perhaps not Trevor. Though his outlook on life can be somewhat negative, he still has fun in his own explosive way.
Daniel Draw: A strange friend of Percy's, the best friend of Trevor. He appears to be a tad bonkers but he isn't always paranoid as sometimes the nonsense he spouts is actually true.
Trevor Point: Used to be Bill's nemesis in school, but is otherwise quite normal. He would much rather read the news but he often has to bail Dan out of trouble. He would be a gentle giant if he wasn't so good with a baseball bat.
Quillo Min: A Moon Quill from (no surprise) the Moon. She enjoys long floats through the park, and not being abducted by organisation THEM.
Agent 13: A member of organisation THEM with formiddable psychic powers. Tries to be as logical and unemotional as possible, co-workers believe this is so he can keep his powers in check, but 42 (13's partner) reckons 13 is just boring.
Agent 42: Although 42 is a daft agent, he does have a unique fighting style, which can make him handy in close combat. He also frequently scales the outside of skyscrapers with his plunger, however his partner 13 always prefers to just use the stairs.

Creator: A 23yr old English person who currently lives in Australia. She's an odd person
but you can probably tell that already because this is a comic about pencils.