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And back to the usual time >.>'

I had to be late again some time, otherwise I just wouldn't be me, would I? Alas, I knew I'd have a busy Friday and told myself to do the comic on Thursday, but I'm in the middle of a combined art thing with my sis. I'm supposed to do the scripting and colouring, and as the deadline for getting all the pages done fast approaches, I've been rushing to complete my side of the work. So I spent most of Thursday on that, kidding myself that I could get it all done before the end of the day, which I did. At about 10:40pm...which, admittedly, is not the best time to start something else when you've been on photoshop all day and are sick to death of it XO. Sigh, so although I did get the page half done yesterday evening, I was forced to choose between sleep and finishing the page and you can see what I decided. Well, it is up now, and you can marvel at how cleverly I manage to have backgrounds consisting mostly of carpet so I don't have to do anything difficult like detail >.>'

That be all

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