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Where's the comic?

Short answer: Sorry guys, Pencil View is going to be about two weeks late.

Long answer: You know that thing when you think you'll have lots of time to do something and you set out to do it on Day 1? But then something happens, so you deal with the thing that happened and go "no biggie, I'll handle it tomorrow." Then on Day 2 something else happens and you handle that instead. On Day 3 someone needs your help making her computer work so she can see her emails, and on Day 4 you are making everyone's computer work so they can see their emails. And then on Day 5 you have to go do some thing you volunteered for and Day 6 you have to go shopping. And Day 7 you have to do Pencil View.
Now I'm not being mean to the comic, I put it on hiatus before, and I have no intention of doing that again. But so many wondrous obstacles have leaped in my way so that for the past few MONTHS I haven't been able to get near this task that's due in TWO WEEKS. Yeah. Months of work for TWO WEEKS. It's probably going to be terrible, so yeah. This means that for the remaining days I have left I am going to bravely ignore every other problem that presents itself and just work. Pencil View will return in roughly two weeks time.

See you then,

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