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A series of unfortunate events...

Yeah, not the best start to the year for Pencil View delay wise, but you can either read the short story here or the long story a little further down.
Short story: Everything hurts, no time, Pencil View will update later.

Long story: Remember that bit of filler with Percy doing beading? Well. The stall was last Saturday and 3hrs and $5 later I returned home fried from an hour and a half of direct sunlight (thank goodness I wore really good sunscreen) and feeling pretty low about the whole thing. Then Sunday was church, followed by a meeting (I'm the secretary for that) so after an hour or so of debate and typing returned home to have a rest only instead to be immediately (and I mean IMMEDIATELY, the literal second I stepped through the door) tasked with restoring the internet because apparently trying to toast crumpets in our toaster makes it short out the electrics. Yay. So, after fixing that mess I had to repair my sister's necklace and then 5 minutes to eat a hasty lunch so I could get to our Musical Rehearsal. So 2 and a half hours later I get to come and actually rest so I come home and crash on the bed. When Monday swings round, I'm doing secretary stuff, typing up a more concise version of the minutes and then some double-checking of the treasurer's reports, then some basic chores that need doing, and then putting lunch in front of my sister so she doesn't forget to eat, then making another necklace present request, and in between all this, lying on the couch in pain from the waist down (yay back-ache). Then in the evening I had choir practice, although I had to leave early because I'd forgotten to take painkillers before I left. I then spent the evening lying down and occasionally writhing around to click bits of my spine back into place.

So, if you quickly re-read through that, you'll notice there is no mention of work on Pencil View, and that is sadly the case, I still don't have any buffers, and this is what happens whenever I hit a heavy workload. Its a good example to anyone who wants to become a comic artist in future though, have a decent buffer BEFORE you start it. Urgh. In other news, I have a major assignment due, and haven't had the time to work on it at all, so Pencil View will experience some delays, I don't know when the next page will be up, you can always check out Chameleador (that's the weird new button on the menu) if you're bored in the meantime, as the Artist is still continuing that.

So have a good afternoon, I'm going to take more painkillers, work on assignments, do some chores, and debate whether I should go in and do that other volunteer thing I do on Tuesdays. Yaaaay.


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