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Going places

Yup, I am going...to a new house! =D
We have been busy scrambling about for a while now to pack things up for the big move and the past week has mostly consisted of shifting boxes, cleaning dusty walls, and painting up the new-old place so we can live in it (so lots of fun and painkillers, yay). It's been pretty draining, but hopefully it will be a major improvement for everyone in the family. Especially the dogs as now they will have a REAL garden to run around in...gravel is not fun to wrestle on >_>'
In other news, I still have my assignments due rather soon(sadly the 's' in 'assignments' is not a typo =( ), and the days are trickling away but there is little I can do about that. But soon...SOON I will once again have the time to return to Pencil View, and the fun shall commence.


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